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Tomorrowland is probably the greatest, the best-organized and the most magical festival the world has ever known! If you do not know what it is and if you have never attended it, you surely miss the experience of a lifetime! The Book of Wisdom, The Return themed 2019 edition has seen some of the best DJs in the world, such as Solomun, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, etc. Maybe Manu and Michiel Beers may have not imagined how notorious their electronic dance music festival would become when they founded it 15 years ago.


The name of the town where the festival is held every year is Boom, like the beats you hear during the event! It is in Belgium and about 400,000 people from all over the globe attended the last edition in July… over the course of two weekends (19th-21st and 26th-28th)! Tickets were sold in just 45 minutes and maybe next year, it will be even faster! Everything is just so incredibly well-organized as the festival-goers live the Tomorrowland experience since the flight on board of Brussels Airlines. Passengers begin to party as some DJs drops some beats accompanied by visual arrangements on the plane. Once they land, they are yearning for more music and dance and they will get it as 1,000 artists are awaiting them! A 38 hectares area is transformed in a kind of heaven for electronic dance music lovers. The 18 stages offer fairy tale type settings with different themes such as fire spewing Dragon, Mushroom, waterfall, etc. The main stage is of course the most breathtaking with its mind-blowing audio visuals, floating dancers and fireworks! And what to say about the Holosphere, a 360-degree 3D hologram technology?

Love Tomorrow

The most peaceful festival: the five colors from the Tomorrowland logo represent the five core values for Love Tomorrow, which are responsibility, nature, innovation, health, and respect. This is maybe the rarest event in the world where you can see Israelis and Iranians, Russians and Ukrainians, Chinese and Japanese, North Koreans and South Koreans dance side by side, share meals, laugh together and hold hands while singing (Tomorrowland’s) anthems. The safest festival: visitors can have a peaceful mind as security is assured by private security guards, the local authorities of Boom and Rumst, the Antwerp Public Prosecutors Office, and the Federal Police. In this special atmosphere, festival-goers respect one another like anywhere else. Girls and women have never complained about any groping and sexual harassment incident! This is also the cleanest festival as you can find wonderfully designed recycle bins everywhere. Aside from that, the staff is omnipresent in case you need some information or help!


If you wonder where all these festival-goers sleep (if they ever happen to do so), the answer is Dreamville! The 38 hectares area not only includes stages, but also campgrounds made up with tents, huts and even luxury cabins with their own private toilets, jacuzzis and all the modern comforts. Dreamville also has a supermarket, food stands, bakeries, a teahouse, a butchers shop, a jewelry store, a hairdressers and make-up salon, a tattoo parlor, relax rooms, a swimming pool area and even a tent where people can tie the knot! Yeah, you can get married in Tomorrowland! Concerning journalists, performers and artists, they have their own area and they are taken care of inside the main stage, where they get free osteopathy sessions and massages. They also have access to beverages, Michelin level food, showers, a jacuzzi and sauna area, privileged viewing points, etc. Isn’t all that magical?


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