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Travel and relaxation blog

With Hesfes, travel, relax and learn how to do things better

In life, everything we do turn around 4 important things: education, work, entertainment and holiday. Our blog gives you advices about these themes, so you can have ideas, be well-organized, learn and be happy. We suggest you the best destinations, the best attractions, the best festivals, and give you advices on education and training.

Learn and help others learn

You may have a precise plan for your children’s education and your professional career, but you still need advices along the way. Nothing ever happens exactly as you expect, so it is wise to listen to others, to brainstorm and study ideas, analyze others’ experiences, and then make the best decisions. Which school or university to choose? How to support and supervise your children’s studies? How to choose and get a job? How to keep your motivation high at work? How to be a good leader? How to enhance your self-development? In other words, how to cope in life and be happy? Find in the Hesfes blog all kinds of tips that may help you in your daily life, all kinds of practical tutorials and “how-tos”!

Spend good times for sure

Besides education and work, you have to have fun and relax! Our blog gives you ideas and advices on where to spend your next holidays, the dream beaches you should give a try, the festivals you have to attend… Whether you would like to go to the seaside or to an inland region, we may have some advices from different travelers and experts. Big cities and natural wonders in America (New York, Nevada, California, Florida), festivals and medieval architecture in Europe (France, Belgium, Croatia, etc.), breathtaking beaches and colorful culture in Asia (Thailand, China, Japan, etc.), we are going to do our best to make you discover the world successfully!

Travel and education are naturally interlinked as our brain needs to adapt as we find ourselves in new places. Think about each different destination you have visited in the last few years. How did each of them affect you?  In a cool and buzzing city, you might have found that you upped your energy to be part of the vibe. Or in a laid back, lesser known location, perhaps you could explore your creative side.

Whatever travel, learning and experiences means to you is absolutely unique to you. This is why those writing about travel can each potentially have a new slant on a famous, much loved destination.

We would like to introduce our partner, Travel Inspires. Created by the author Jackie De Burca, this travel blog is bringing destinations and experiences together in a unique way. Jackie and her team are mentoring students and other travellers to write about places that are either home or close to their heart. Travel Inspires has a different slant and is also a place where you could learn to write about your travels, if you so wish.